complete denials managementThrough the use of advanced analytic algorithms, we take a deep dive into your denials, to help you better understand their source.

Medspan can help your organization collect on your denied charges much quicker and more efficiently than working straight form the 835 file. Our cloud based solution delivers reports and alerts that help our customers address the root causes of many types of denied payments, so your system can be corrected on the front end.

There is a better way to work your denials. We allow you to see your denial data any way you like.  We also allow you to assign those denials to staff, in a workflow format that tracks productivity.

Free 835 Data Analysis. . When you provide us with 6 months of your 835 files, we will provide you a complete analysis of that data.  This will show you trends, point out specific issues with how your claims are filed, and provide you with a complete analysis free of charge.