ThirtyDayClaimBreakOutOur denials management software takes your 835 data and organizes it so that you can see clearly exactly what you are looking at.

You can customize the data display exactly the way you want:

  1. Denied Charges by Status
  2. Denied Charges by Revenue Code
  3. Denied Charges by Denial Code
  4. Denial by Aging
  5. Denials by Department
  6. Denials As a Percentage of Charges

You can then run specific reports that can be drilled down to the root cause level, and thoroughly analyzed.We have also built in an Alert System that allows you to put in thresholds for denials and be alerts via email when those thresholds have been crossed.

The Financial Dashboard provides you with a cost-effective, streamlined process for the Denial issues that are currently facing you.

  • Identify the root causes for denied charges
  • Reduce denied charges in real-time and provide answers on how to fix your system up-front
  • Reduce total A/R days