Our data analytics company, Medspan Technologies,  we provide a suite of professional grade descriptive analytic tools designed to find and quantify your 835 denial issues and provide a workflow platform that will allow you to attack and monitor them head on.

MedSpan denials management tool is a web-based solution that delivers financial dashboard reports on current denials through data normalization, the use of analytic algorithms, and robust reporting.

MedSpan is able to define specific trends, characteristics and patterns in a hospital/physician’s claim/remit denials and root causes using the facilities own 835 files. A built-in Alert System allows facilities to set thresholds for denials, which when activated, can be used to alert specified individuals via e-mail when thresholds are exceeded allowing immediate action to be taken. No more sloshing through prints outs to see if there is a problem. The Alert based on your criteria tells you there is a need for action.

With three to six months of electronic 835 filings, we can also provide a demonstration, giving you an opportunity to see just how powerful this additional tool is in detecting trends, isolating specific issues, possibly assisting you in assigning your staff while tracking productivity and efficiency.




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