MedEBO Solutions, LLC offers a variety of extended business office (EBO) Services through our MedEBO service. We provide a unique hybrid model approach to help your healthcare organization maximize its revenues by increasing cash flows and minimizing accounts receivable headaches.

MedEBO can assist with each client’s specific needs. From follow-up on a single payer to working your entire AR needs, our EBO services can handle a whole range of outsourcing demands. These services include:


·         Self-Pay Services

·         Self-Pay Services after Insurance

·         Complete Billing Services

·         Billing and Collections

·         Insurance transmittal

·         Handle All Insurance Calls and Denials

·         Patient Billing

·         Customer Service

·         Accounts Receivable Reconciliation

·         System conversion AR Work Down Services

·         Complete Business Office Management

We offer a wide range of EBO services designed to be a true extension your office. Each client is assigned a dedicated team to work their business, never in a pooled environment. This philosophy allows our people to really understand your business, and deliver a higher quality solution and better cash flows.




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